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12 Surefire ways to up your Instagram game by getting huge followers

The only way to up your Instagram game is to increase your followers. The more you get followers, the more you get brand exposure. More than that, the large following base also play a vital role to expand your network on Instagram. But how to get followers on Instagram? Don’t fret, we have outlined some surefire ways to get more followers in no time.

How to get followers on Instagram:

The following tips will surely work when you use them in a proper way. Let’s have a look at how to get followers on Instagram.

Use Double filter with your photos:

Make your photos more alluring that compel the audience to see your more posts and visit your profile. In order to make your photo visually captivating use the double filters and see the magic.

Post on right time:

If you want to increase your following count, post your images or videos on right time when most of your fans active. You can use tools to analyze the post engagement, track follower growth and right time to post. You can use Iconosquare to monitor and get statistics about your posts.

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Compose your photos with the help of a grid feature:

If you are using iPhone for taking your shots then consider using grid feature and compose your photos.

Adjust the brightness of photos:

You can change the look of your shots by adjusting the brightness of your photos. Most of the Instagrammers use some editing tools to adjust the saturation and brightness of photos and get a lot of likes.

Don’t use the front-facing camera for taking selfies:

However, it is an easy way to use front facing camera for taking selfies but -facing, now consider using the rear-facing camera for taking high-resolution photos. Instagram is all about high-quality photos, so this hack will actually work.

Add text to your photos:

Make your photos more interesting by adding text to them. You can use ‘over’ and turn your non-followers into your followers.

Use Black and white:

Black and white theme will give your photos vintage look and when you use low light saturation with it, it will become most liked photo of your fans.

Make photo collage:

People love collage instead of posting similar images separately. According to reports, collage photos get more engagement. You can use ‘Diptic’ to make the collage of your photos.

Use Sharpe image:

On Instagram, people hit like button when they see sharp images. Consider to take some Sharp photos and post them on your Instagram page.

Be consistent in what you are posting on your account:

People love to follow those account which offers consistent posts and always busy to entertain their follower. So, if you are looking for the massive following in less time, be consistent in what you are posting.

Follow Instagram Account on Instagram and participate in Instagram’s projects.

If you participate in Instagram’ projects, they will take notice of your Instagram account either personal or business. And, they add you to the list of suggested users.