A Few Words About Us And What We Offer

You need help with your paper but still not quite sure you should choose us as your assistant? It is quite OK. Of course, customers want to know what they are going to get.

That is why there is such About Us page. Here, we will talk about our values, mission, objectives and what you get as a client.

What is the goal of EssaysWrite?

EssaysWrite.com has been founded as an essay writing company i.e. a company that writes student papers from scratch. There are hundreds and probably thousands of other services that do the same. What makes us different? Well, first of all, our mission, which is:

Delivering top quality academic help to students of European and American universities, in a strict compliance with their requirements, wants and likes at affordable prices. Our assistance is always accompanied by a package of follow-up services such as free revisions.

As you can see, the high quality requirement is embedded in our policy. EssaysWrite understands very well that customers should feel confident in their papers. Thus, we deliver them only 100% unique and well researched works done by the first-rate specialists in the industry.

More specifically, we have a number of objectives that make up our mission:

  • Writing academic papers of all types and sizes
  • Constant support of customers
  • Continuous improvement of the quality level
  • Expansion of the range of services we provide
  • Working towards reduction of costs and offering lower prices for customers
  • Advanced training of the existing writers and expansion of the bank of writers

What we value most of all

Our company has a well-defined system of values. For us, the main value is customer satisfaction. Other values include:


Nothing is more important than providing customers with original papers that will let them be 100% sure in top quality and authenticity of what they submit.


Being a customer-friendly service, we work to keep prices as low as possible. You will see yourself!


The newest software is applied to protect our database and prevent any leaks. It would be a big failure if someone found out you are using our services, right?

All in all, we are doing everything we can to make your experience with our service the most rewarding, convenient and satisfying. It’s only up to you to tell whether we fulfill the goals we pursue. The best thing is that you can try our services now using a discount. Order now and thank us later.