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How to treat Multiple Hairs in One Follicle

Most of the people go through this hair condition once in a lifetime. But they have no time to look out this hair condition called multiple hairs in one follicle. And some of them don’t aware of hair problem that is very rare. People only take notice of it when they have an infection, swelling, and irritation due to it. In this condition, more than two hairs emerge out of the one follicle that can cause severe infection. Whenever you have noticed multiple hairs popping out of your leg or armpit then don’t consider it normal hair. Here, we will talk about its causes and all possible solution that help you to get away from this rare hair condition.

Causes of multiple hairs in one follicle

This hair problem has not been observed frequently in a human being. There are many hypotheses regarding this disorder but the main cause of this condition is genetics according to medical research. The cosmetologist and dermatologist believed that Pili Miltigemini is due to the sub-division of the base of your papilla of hair. The tips of hair strands are shared at more than two stems of hair. The papilla has no shafts when the hair grows, the tips of hair disrupted into many hair strands. The new hair strands have divided the cuticles but when hairs come out as more than two hairs from the duct of hair.

Most of the people believed that the primary cause of multiple hairs in one follicle but dermatologists rejected it with some valid reason. According to medical research by dermatologists and cosmetologists, the germ cells of hair follicles will be reactivated that can cause the hair condition. The germ cells’ reactivation creates more than two hair strands that are the cause of Pili Miltigemini.

How to treat Two Hairs One Follicle?

There are different ways to treat this rare hair condition. The primary solution to get away from this problem is hair plucking. The plucking destroys the base of Multigemini hair follicles that can cause the minimum growth of hair strands. But it is a very painful method and doesn’t try it if you have sensitive skin. Moreover, it produces the multiple hairs at a place of normal hair. But this is the instant and simple solution to get rid of this problem. If you want to remove your Pili Miltigemini hair permanently, then go for laser treatment. It requires almost 5-10 session for the complete removal of two hair one follicle. However, the growth of Pili Miltigemini hair will be minimized after every laser treatment session but it is very painful. So, if you want to choose pain-free treatment then goes for electrolysis or cryosurgery. These treatments are very safe and permanent solution of this hair condition. But it is a little bit expensive especially when you have an infection all over the body.


With these treatments, you should do some precautionary measures that will help you to reduce the problem. Avoid using hair products regularly to reduce the multiple hairs in one follicle. Don’t use harsh products for skin and hair.