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Why soccer is the favorite game of American people?

According to the Harris Poll soccer is the most popular game in the people of US. Soccer is the most popular and liked game of Americans for many reasons which are as follows


Basically it is considered favorite because its basics are quite simple. There are no complex rules or procedures required to be understood for playing soccer. Along with, no age limit is required to play soccer anyone can make it his/her pastime. For playing soccer no one need to check for affordability limit as it is not required to buy expensive gadgets for playing this game. All it needs is to buy a ball which is available in many ranges. It involves good physical activity and doesn’t require a lot of tome to play a game. While, for the people watching this game on T.V this game becomes more interesting as the game offers continuous action till half break and no advertisement interrupts in between. The game is played till the last minute and there is no break in between which lets everyone get involved in it the whole time.

A soccer match is limited to 90 minutes so it is easy to spare time for the game till its completion which lets the people enjoy the game till end without worries and hassle of other things on hold because of it. One can easily plan the routine and spare free time for the game and can enjoy it at its fullest. It unites family and friends under a roof for the period of 90 minutes where everyone enjoys good time and togetherness while watching the game. Soccer is the combo of different games offering a complete package of excitement including hitting from boxing, passing from basketball and team spirit from baseball.

When soccer was compared with the baseball game which is the second most popular and historically rooted game for Americans it was revealed that soccer has now taken a lead with 33 percent of votes and baseball is second with 16 percent votes. The reason why soccer took lead is because baseball is a slow paced game whereas these days, people like to get involved in a game which is physically more demanding and wild. The violent nature of game involves high risk of injuries which makes the game more involving and real. Football leagues are another reason of inclination of liking of the sports.

These leagues has fantasized the game and people not only support their favorite teams die heartily during the game but also try to keep themselves updated about them all the time. Soccer also shows the tactics and importance of teamwork it involves the mental engagement to learn how team is putting effort as a team to make goal and how players are not only using their physical strength but also their mental strength to align with other team members.

Not only they have to synchronize with their own team but have to judge the strategies of the opponent team likewise, the audience watching the match also get involved in judging the strategies and make guesses for the upcoming moments which makes this game so involving that the attention is glued till the last minute.