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Why Victoria secret is giving away coupons on online purchases

There are coupons, rewards, and freebies and here is the secret behind them:

–   Stacking up to coupons in one transaction

There are actually three types of coupons which are present in the victoria’s secret and that are:

  1. Free gift: they always offer you a free gift with a purchase which you would make at whatever period of time at whatever price. It could be anything, a free bag, free panty etc.
  2. Free shipping: when you purchase from Victoria, it offers you free shipping when you have shopped for more than $100 and this is how you are able to look more for the discounts and the coupons including some more special deals.
  3. Percentage off: these are the coupons which mark discount offers in percentages like there could be 25 percent off over a bag etc.

When you are shopping online, you always need to check for today’s offer which is displayed at the bottom of the screen page. When you are given a time and that time you have got 10-15 offers to avail, you at one time could choose more than three offers and then the promotion would automatically be added to your cart. Finally, you would get a V.S that is pretty liberal when it is about stacking the coupons and discounts. This simply means that when you are stacking the coupons and freebies, there could be multiple percentages for discounts which isn’t out of such questions. You need to read the fine prints so that you can understand what the offers are there for you and what the specific restrictions to those offers are.

–   Free rewards

This is simple when you can get something free as rewards, you don’t need to pay for it. Small things like bags, panties, and bras are something which you can get as a reward so why to waste your money hence you can buy some other things which you can’t get in reward. To get such a reward, you need to:

  1. Email: these are simply free panties with the purchase and you can earn them by signing up for the newsletters and emails. You can sign up on apps too.
  2. Promotions: there are also monthly promotions which you can get in an email in your account if you have subscribed for them.

Remember to shop more as increased shopping would lead you for such rewards.

–   Price adjust

It is important to keep the receipts with you whenever you have made a purchase from Victoria’s secret. At least you must be having the receipts for two weeks whether you are shopping from the store or doing it online. The price adjustment period is 14 days for the items which you have bought. To make the things simple for you, you can use different applications like Slice which would work for you to monitor what you have paid for your purchase and it would notify you regarding any sort of changes if happened to price and this is the key which would help you in semi-annual sales.